1980 Look Out for the Catch

1980 Pardon Me Prime Minister

1980 Time Murderer Please

1981 Laughter in the Dark

1981 There Goes the Bride

We haven’t yet been able to locate a programme for this show. If you have one, or any other memorabilia, we’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch!


1981 Tabitha

1982 Cat on the Fiddle

1982 The Proof of the Poison

1982 Not Now Darling

1982 Not Now Darling
1982 Not Now Darling

1983 When the Wheel Turns

1983 Don’t Utter a Note


1983 Off the Hook

1984 The White Sheep of the Family

1984 Good Old Summertime

1984 The Paper Chain

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