1960 The Paper Chain

1961 Hole and Corner

1961 Beside the Seaside

Eastleigh Weekly News review of ‘ Beside the Seaside’

1962 Mist over the Mistletoe

1962 A Basinful of the Briny

We haven’t yet been able to locate any details of this show.  If you have a programme or any other memorabilia, we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch!

1962 The Man from Toronto

1962 Eastleigh Weekly News review The Man From Toronto

1963 Strike Happy

1963 Strictly Business

1963 We Took a Cottage

1964 Home for Christmas

We haven’t been able to locate a poster or programme for this show. If you have one that we can scan, or any memorabilia, please do get in touch!

1964 A Pig in a Poke

1964 Eastleigh Weekly News review A Pig in a Poke

1964 One of Those Days

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