1947 The Man from Toronto

Full-length play presented by the “Dramatic Section of the Bishopstoke Young Leaguers”

1947 Annual “At Home”

With the Bishopstoke branch of the Young Leaguers’ Union

1947 The Mystery at Greenfingers

Our first production as a fully-fledged, stand-alone drama group. The Bishopstoke Branch of the Young Leaguers’ Union had staged various plays prior to ‘The Mystery at Greenfingers’, and these had inspired the younger members of that group to form their own drama group, albeit still affiliated to the Young Leaguers’ Union.  Hence the group became ‘Bishopstoke YLU Players’ until 1985, when the ‘YLU’ was dropped to become ‘Bishopstoke Players’.

1948 Quiet Wedding

1948 Quiet Wedding

1948 Lights Out at Eleven

We haven’t yet been able to locate a programme for this show. If you have one, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch!

1949 Fresh Fields

1949 The Girl in Question

1949 Forced Landing

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