1980 Look Out for the Catch

1980 Pardon Me Prime Minister

1980 Time Murderer Please

1981 Laughter in the Dark

1981 BP poster Laughter in the Dark
1981 BP poster Laughter in the Dark

1981 There Goes the Bride

1981 Tabitha

1982 Cat on the Fiddle

1982 The Proof of the Poison

1982 Not Now Darling

1983 When the Wheel Turns

1983 When the Wheel Turns poster

1983 Don’t Utter a Note

1983 Off the Hook

1984 The White Sheep of the Family

1984 Good Old Summertime

1984 The Paper Chain

1985 Flat Spin

1985 Murder for the Asking

1985 Let Sleeping Wives Lie

1986 Shock Tactics

1986 Bang You’re Dead

‘Bang You’re Dead’, written by Paul Reakes and directed by Pam Warren, was our first entry into a one-act drama festival.
This was at the Totton Festival of Drama, held in those days in the ‘Thistle Hall’ behind St. Winfrid’s church in Totton.

1986 Key for Two

1986 Bedroom Farce

1987 Beyond a Joke

1987 Catalyst

One Act Festival play, written and directed by Peter Yates.
It was performed in the Totton Festival of Drama at Testwood School, Totton and in the Southampton Play Festival at The Gantry.

1987 Catalyst (One Act Festival Play)

1987 The House by the Lake

1987 When we are Married

1988 Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something

1988 Thriller of the Year

1988 Panic Stations

1989 Darling Mr London

1989 A Funny Kind of Day

1989 A Tomb with a View

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