2024 MayBright. Young. Things.Georgia ChristouPete Burton
2024 JanuaryDick WhittingtonCharles PhilipAdrian Barrett
2023 OctoberTremulous (One Act Festival play)Le WilhelmKimberly Jones
2023 OctoberYankee Doodle (One Act Festival play)Adrian BarrettAdrian Barrett
2023 OctoberFor the Taking (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2023 SeptemberDirty DustingEd Waugh and Trevor WoodMaggie Allington and Louisa Asquith
2023 MayDeath and WaxesBarry WoodKevin Bowers
2023 MarchNo Easy Road (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesBeth Bowers
2023 JanuaryNot Very Flash, Gordon!Charles PhilipAdrian Barrett
2022 OctoberExposed (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2022 SepemberThe Railway ChildrenE. Nesbit adapted by Dave SimpsonBarry Kitchen, Tim Ponsford
2022 MayOnes - a selection of one-act plays
(i) Out of the Flying Pan
(ii) You Tell Me
(iii) Halfway up the M3 on the Way to Basingstoke
(i) David Campton
(ii) Peter Yates
(iii) Barry Kitchen
(i) Barry Kitchen
(ii) Peter Yates
(iii) Barbara Yates
2022 March, MayOut of the Flying Pan (One Act Festival play)David CamptonBarry Kitchen
2022 March / AprilRobin Hood and the Silver ArrowCharles PhilipAdrian Barrett
2021 October,
2022 March, May
You Tell Me (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2021 SeptemberOne Man, Two GuvnorsRichard BeanPete Burton
2021 June / JulyMore Than I Was To You (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2021 June / JulyWhat If? (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesKevin Bowers
2020 JanuaryCinderellaPaul ReakesEmma Braggins
2019 OctoberAsking For It (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesKevin Bowers
2019 SeptemberInspector Drake and the Time MachineDavid TristramAdrian Barrett
2019 MayHow To Train Your HusbandDevon WilliamsonRob Beadle
2019 March / MayShared Space (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2019 JanuaryBeauty and the BeastCharles PhilipAdrian Barrett
2018 SeptemberThe Vicar of DibleyIan Gower and Paul Carpenter from TV series by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-ArcherLouisa Asquith
2018 MayRomanoff and JulietPeter UstinovPete Burton
2018 SpringWhat If? (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesKevin Bowers
2018 SpringNo Easy Road (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2018 JanuaryLittle Red Riding HoodPaul ReakesSamantha Evans
2017 OctoberStolen Time (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesKevin Bowers
2017 SeptemberNo Sex, Please - We're British!Anthony Marriott and Alistair FootBarry Kitchen
2017 MayThe Darling Buds of MayH. E. BatesLouisa Asquith
2017 January Much Ado About PantoAdrian BarrettAdrian Barrett
2016 October & 2017 MarchNothing You Can Say (One Act Festival play)Peter YatesLewis Pickles and Peter Yates
2016 OctoberThe 39 StepsPatrick Barlow, Simon Corble and Nobby DimonBarry Kitchen
2016 MayMuch Ado About NothingWilliam ShakespearePete Burton
2016 MarchA Love Like Yours (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2016 JanuaryCharles Dickens' A Christmas CarolNeil BartlettRachel Craig
2015 OctoberThe Other Side of Reality (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesLewis Pickles and Peter Yates
2015 SeptemberThe Memory of WaterShelagh StephensonLouisa Asquith
2015 MayNeville's IslandTim FirthPete Burton
2015 MarchA Long Time Coming (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2015 JanuarySinbad the Sailor ...... his 8th VoyageAlan P FraynChris Shehan
2014 SeptemberA Penny for a SongJohn WhitingJon Lightfoot
2014 MayBrief EncounterNoel CowardPeter Yates
2014 MarchOdd (One-Act Festival play)Barry KitchenBarry Kitchen
2014 JanuaryDick TurpinPaul ReakesRachel Craig
2013 SeptemberWhere the Pavement Ends (One-Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2013 SeptemberRound and Round the GardenAlan AyckbournPete Burton
2013 MayInspector Drake and the Black WidowDavid TristramBarry Kitchen
2013 JanuaryTreasure Island - the pantoRichard LloydJon Lightfoot
2012 SeptemberSongs, Sketches and SupperVariousRachel Craig, Barry Kitchen, Peter Yates
2012 MayCaught in the NetRay CooneyRachel Craig
2012 MarchOn a Night Like This (One-Act Festival play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2012 JanuaryBluebeardPaul ReakesPete Burton
2011 SeptemberHoliday SnapMichael Pertwee and John ChapmanChris Shehan
2011 MayAll My SonsArthur MillerPete Burton
2011 JanuaryTom ThumbPaul ReakesDale Moorey and Naomi Wiley
2010 OctoberLay Your Shadow Over Me (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2010 SeptemberNo Dinner for SinnersEdward TaylorMaggie Allington
2010 MayA Foot in the DoorRichard HarrisRachel Craig
2010 JanuaryBabes in the WoodPaul ReakesChris Shehan
2009 NovemberSHOWCASE - three plays in one nightMark Ravenhill / Peter Yates / Anne-Marie Baker and James MacGowanDale Moorey / Peter Yates / Anne-Marie Baker
2009 OctoberTrains (One Act Festival Play)Anne-Marie Baker & James MacCowanAnne Marie Baker & James MacCowan
2009 SeptemberKindertransportDiane SamuelsJoanna Warner-Smith
2009 MayWhat the Butler SawJoe OrtonPete Burton
2009 AprilStarlover (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
2009 JanuaryKing Humpty DumptyPaul ReakesChris Shehan
2008 SeptemberBlack ComedyPeter ShafferRachel Craig
2008 MayAn Evening with Gary LinekerArthur Smith & Chris EnglandPete Burton
2008 JanuaryGoody Two ShoesPaul ReakesChris Shehan
2007 SeptemberJane EyreCharles VanceBarbara Yates
2007 MayUp 'n' UnderJohn GodberRon Blackburn
2007 JanuaryRobinson Crusoe and the PiratesPaul ReakesChris Shehan
2006 SeptemberLarge As LifeRichard Harris & Keith StrachanPeter Yates
2006 MayWill You Still Love Me In The MorningBrian Clemens and Dennis SpoonerChris Shehan
2006 JanuaryThe Sleeping BeautyNorman RobbinsPete Burton
2005 September'Allo 'AlloJeremy Lloyd and David CroftRachel Craig
2005 MayAbigail's PartyMike LeighBarbara Yates
2005 JanuaryCinderellaNorman RobbinsChris Shehan
2004 SeptemberThe Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾Sue TownsendPeter Yates
2004 MayFunny MoneyRay CooneyRachel Craig
2004 JanuaryLittle Jack HornerPaul ReakesChris Shehan
2003 SeptemberAn Inspector CallsJ B PriestleyBarbara Yates
2003 MayLocal AffairsRichard HarrisChris Shehan
2003 JanuaryThe Grand Old Duke of YorkNorman RobbinsChris Shehan
2002 SeptemberOlde Tyme Music HallVariousSusie Meads, Glenda Paris
2002 MayThe Farndale Avenue HETGDS Murder MysteryDavid McGillivray & Walter Zerlin JnrChris Shehan
2002 JanuaryDick WhittingtonNorman RobbinsPete Burton
2001 SeptemberCash on DeliveryMichael CooneyChris Shehan
2001 MayBouncersJohn GodberPeter Yates
2001 JanuaryJack and the BeanstalkNorman RobbinsPete Burton
2000 SeptemberOut of Sight ... Out of MurderFred CarmichaelDenise Street
2000 MayTrivial PursuitsFrank VickeryChris Shehan
2000 JanuaryOlde Tyme Music HallVariousSusie Meads, Pete Burton, Glenda Paris
1999 SeptemberLord Arthur Savile's CrimeOscar Wilde, Constance CoxChris Shehan
1999 AprilKindly Leave the StageJohn ChapmanLee Bumstead
1999 JanuaryAladdinNorman RobbinsChris Shehan
1998 SeptemberSleuthAnthony ShafferPeter Yates
1998 MayStepping OutRichard HarrisChris Shehan
1998 JanuaryShut Your Eyes and Think of EnglandJohn ChapmanDenise Street
1997 SeptemberOlde Tyme Music HallVariousSusie Meads
1997 MayFringe BenefitsDonald Churchill, Peter YeldhamDenise Street
1997 JanuaryMother GooseNorman RobbinsPete Burton
1996 SeptemberBedroom FarceAlan AyckbournChris Shehan
1996 MayCharley's AuntBrandon ThomasPete Burton
1996 JanuaryOlde Tyme Music HallVariousSusie Meads
1995 SeptemberThere Goes the BrideRay Cooney and John ChapmanTherese Goulbourn
1995 MayOut of the SunRoger StennettPeter Yates
1995 JanuaryBell, Book and CandleJohn Van DrutenTherese Goulbourn
1994 SeptemberHabeas CorpusAlan BennettPeter Yates
1994 MaySteel MagnoliasRobert HarlingKim Barrington
1994 JanuaryDeadly EmbraceEric PaiceKim Barrington
1993 OctoberAscension Day (One-Act Festival play)Barry KitchenBarry Kitchen
1993 SeptemberMove Over Mrs MarkhamRay Cooney and John ChapmanRon Burford
1993 MayFlowersBarry KitchenBarry Kitchen
1993 MarchNuances (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
1993 MarchFlowers (One-Act Festival play)Barry KitchenBarry Kitchen
1993 JanuaryTwo Into OneRay CooneyKim Barrington
1992 SeptemberRomanoff and JulietPeter UstinovPete Burton
1992 MayOut of Thin AirDerek BenfieldRon Burford
1992 MarchOur Man (One Act Festival Play)Daniel ClucasBarry Kitchen
1992 MarchHollie (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
1992 JanuaryThe ExorcismDon TaylorKim Barrington
1992 JanuaryChristmas Incorporated and other one-act playsPeter Horsler / David E Rowley / Graham Jones / Peter YatesDenise Street, Peter Yates, Barbara Yates
1991 SeptemberDaisy Pulls It OffDenise DeeganBarry Kitchen
1991 MayOutside EdgeRichard HarrisLita Cook
1991 MarchDaughters (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
1991 JanuaryThe Day After the FairFrank HarveyRon Burford
1990 SeptemberNoises OffMichael FraynBarry Kitchen
1990 MayConfusionsAlan AyckbournLita Cook
1990 JanuaryNight Must FallEmlyn WilliamsRon Burford
1989 SeptemberA Tomb with a View Norman RobbinsBarry Kitchen
1989 MayA Funny Kind of Day John McIntyreLita Cook
1989 JanuaryDarling Mr London Anthony MarriottRon Burford
1988 SeptemberPanic Stations Derek BenfieldLita Cook
1988 MayThriller of the Year Glyn JonesRon Burford
1988 JanuaryDon't Just Lie There, Say Something Michael PertweeBarry Kitchen
1987 SeptemberWhen we are Married J B PriestleyRon Burford
1987 MayThe House by the Lake Hugh MillsRon Burford
1987 MarchCatalyst (One Act Festival Play)Peter YatesPeter Yates
1987 JanuaryBeyond a Joke Derek BenfieldPeter Yates
1986 SeptemberBedroom Farce Alan AyckbournRon Burford
1986 MayKey for Two John ChapmanPeter Yates
1986 MarchBang You're Dead (One-Act Festival play)Paul ReakesPam Warren
1986 JanuaryShock Tactics John DoleRon Burford
1985 SeptemberLet Sleeping Wives Lie Harold Brooke and Kay BannermanBarry Kitchen
1985 MayMurder for the Asking Derek BenfieldRon Burford
1985 JanuaryFlat Spin Derek RoyleRon Burford
1984 SeptemberThe Paper Chain Falkland L Cary and Ivan ButlerRon Burford
1984 MayGood Old Summertime Leslie SandsRon Burford
1984 JanuaryThe White Sheep of the Family L. du Garde Peach and Ian HayRon Burford
1983 SeptemberOff the Hook Derek BenfieldRon Burford
1983 MayDon't Utter a Note Anton DelmarBarry Kitchen
1983 JanuaryWhen the Wheel Turns Pat BaldwinRon Burford
1982 SeptemberNot Now Darling Ray Cooney and John ChapmanRon Burford
1982 MayThe Proof of the Poison Falkland L Cary and Philip WeathersRon Burford
1982 JanuaryCat on the Fiddle John DoleRon Burford
1981 OctoberTabitha Arnold Ridley And Mary Cathcart BorerRon Burford
1981 MayThere Goes the Bride Ray Cooney and John ChapmanBarry Kitchen
1981 JanuaryLaughter in the Dark Victor LucasRon Burford
1980 SeptemberTime Murderer Please Raymond DyerRon Burford
1980 MayPardon Me Prime Minister Edward Taylor and John GrahamBarry Kitchen
1980 JanuaryLook Out for the Catch Jean McConnellRon Burford
1979 SeptemberMan Alive! John DightonRon Burford
1979 MayDry Rot John ChapmanRon Burford
1979 JanuaryThe Lovebirds Basil ThomasRon Burford
1978 SeptemberQueen Elizabeth Slept Here Talbot RothwellRon Burford
1978 MayHaul for the Shore Jean McConnellRon Burford
1978 JanuaryAnd This Was Odd Kenneth HorneMarion Banfield
1977 SeptemberWanted One Body Raymond DyerErnie Neale
1977 MayThe Secret Tent Elizabeth AddymanDon Parrott
1976 SeptemberBreath of Spring Peter CokeRon Burford
1976 MayThe Full Treatment Michael BrettRon Burford
1976 JanuaryMurder at the Vicarage Agatha Christie, Moie Charles, Barbara ToyErnie Neale
1975 SeptemberFool's Paradise Peter CokeGeorge Brown
1975 MayEnd of the Honeymoon Sam BateRon Burford
1975 JanuaryThe Ghost Train Arnold RidleyFlo Broadbent
1974 SeptemberSee How They Run Philip KingElsie Parrott
1974 MayLove by Appointment Anthony LesserMarion Banfield
1974 JanuaryDanger Inside Falkland L Cary and Ivan ButlerRon Burford
1973 SeptemberThe Miracle Worker William GibsonBrian Cox
1973 MayI'll Get My Man Philip KingMarion Banfield
1973 JanuaryNo Time for Fig-LeavesDuncan Greenwood and Robert KingRon Burford and Elizabeth Apps
1972 SeptemberMan Alive! John DightonRon Burford
1972 MayCandied Peel Falkland L CaryRon Burford
1972 JanuaryThe Patient in 4B A. Frederick DanielsRon Burford
1971 SeptemberGood Old Summertime Leslie SandsElizabeth Apps
1971 MayBook of the Month Basil ThomasRon Burford
1971 JanuaryGoodnight Mrs Puffin Arthur LovegroveMarion Banfield
1970 SeptemberAny Body for Tennis? Jack LastRon Burford
1970 MayCrystal Clear Falkland L Cary And Philip KingFlo Broadbent
1970 JanuaryBusybody Jack PopplewellFlo Broadbent
1969 SeptemberDeadly Record Nina Warner HookeMarion Banfield
1969 MayA Month of Sundays Gerald SavoryPeggy Walters
1969 JanuaryAs Long As They're Happy Vernon SylvaineElsie Parrott
1968 OctoberThe Lovebirds Basil ThomasRon Burford
1968 MayFish Out of Water Derek BenfieldPeggy Walters
1968 JanuarySearch by Night Victor LucasRon Burford
1967 SeptemberThe Pick of the Season Jean McConnellRon Burford
1967 MayPickle in Paradise Sam BateRon Burford
1967 JanuaryLook Out for the Catch Jean McConnellRon Burford and Peggy Walters
1966 OctoberHaul for the Shore Jean McConnellRon Burford
1966 MayThis Happy Home Michael BrettRon Burford
1966 JanuaryBut Once a Year Falkland L CaryRon Burford
1965 SeptemberMany Happy ReturnsRoland Pertwee and Noel StreatfieldRon Burford
1965 MayRock-a-bye Sailor! Philip King and Falkland L. CaryRon Burford
1965 JanuaryWatch It Sailor Philip King and Falkland L. CaryRon Burford
1964 OctoberOne of Those Days Kent RichardRon Burford
1964 MayA Pig in a Poke Mabel and Denis ConstandurosRon Burford
1964 JanuaryHome for Christmas Clive GordonRon Burford
1963 OctoberWe Took a Cottage Mary HarrisRon Burford
1963 MayStrictly Business Rosemary WestPeggy Walters
1963 FebruaryStrike Happy Duncan GreenwoodRon Burford
1962 SeptemberThe Man from Toronto Douglas MurrayRon Burford
1962 MayA Basinful of the Briny Leslie Sands
1962 JanuaryMist over the Mistletoe Dan SutherlandRon Burford
1961 SeptemberBeside the Seaside Leslie SandsRon Burford
1961 FebruaryHole and Corner Lyddon SurrageJohn Banfield
1960 AprilThe Paper Chain Falkland L. Cary and Ivan ButlerRon Burford
1959 FebruaryAnd This Was Odd Kenneth HorneRon Burford
1958 AprilStray Lady Lyddon SurrageRon Burford
1957 FebruaryHalf Holiday
1955 DecemberHappy Days Wilfred MasseyAlfred Owens
1955 MarchNothing But the Truth James MontgomeryAlfred Owens
1954 NovemberMurder Out of Tune Falkland L. CaryAlfred Owens
1954 FebruaryHigh Spirits Mark HowardAlfred Owens
1953 MayFamily Drama
1952 DecemberWith Vacant Possession Wilfred MasseyHarold Bonnett
1952 MayBachelor Beware Mary BroderickHarold Bonnett
1951 NovemberThe Camel's Back Arnold HelsbyHarold Bonnett
1951 JanuaryChildren to Bless You G. Sheila DonisthorpeHarold Bonnett
1950 SeptemberDoctor, There's Danger Falkland L. CaryHarold Bonnett
1950 MarchOther People's Houses Lynne DexterHarold Bonnett
1949 NovemberForced Landing Wilfred MasseyHarold Bonnett
1949 JuneThe Girl in Question Wilfred MasseyHarold Bonnett
1949 FebruaryFresh Fields Ivor NovelloHarold Bonnett
1948 OctoberLights Out at Eleven Armitage Owen
1948 FebruaryQuiet Wedding Esther McCrackenHarold Bonnett
1947 SeptemberThe Mystery at Greenfingers J B PriestleyHarold Bonnett
UnknownThree One-Act PlaysWilfred Massey / Mabel Constanduros and Howard Agg / Falkland L Cary and Philip KingRon Burford